Burning Man is Silicon Valley

Tesla’s Elon Musk made the connection between Burning Man and Silicon Valley.

Countercultural and technical lands where people collaborate and chase far-out ideas to create better worlds and profit margins. But how does the comparison hold up? And can Melbourne replicate the Playa? Embrace a new dimension with a panel of tech experts.


Dr Angus Hervey

Dr Angus Hervey is a political economist, writer, and science communicator specialising on the topic of disruptive technologies. He is the co-founder of Future Crunch, a Melbourne-based think tank that helps organisations understand what’s on the frontiers of science and technology

Dr Jodi York

Dr Jodi York is a sociologist, social impact researcher and art enabler. She started attending Burning Man in 2001, has served on the executive bodies of regional Burning Man events in both Australia and New Zealand, and currently is one of two regional contacts for Burning Man in Melbourne.

Tamara DiMattina

Tamara DiMattina is the founder of Trumpet PR + Marketing and the brains behind The New Joneses, a living installation of smart, stylish, future-thinking living. She is a veteran of five trips to Burning Man.

Michael Scarlett 

Michael Scarlett is the cofounder of Culture Jam and the man behind The Town, an interactive theatrical festival that takes place every Easter in northern Victoria.


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