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Enter Cremorne, the heartland of startup in Australia, for a day of interactive workshops with co-working lab LaunchPad.

Get inspired by quirky workshops about weird role models, discover how diversity inspires creativity, find motivation to shift mindsets and get off the couch, and learn how you can create Melbourne as not just the most liveable but also the most entrepreneurial city in the world.



Please choose only 1 workshop per session.

Arrival & Mixing
9am Launchpad 3 Tram Stage

Session 1
10am Launchpad 3 Tram Stage – Art, automatiom and social identity by Betty Sargeant
10am Launchpad 2 Daintree – Accessible Art in the Gig Economy by Kristian Terry

Session 2
11am Launchpad 3 Tram Stage – Radically yours by Mykel Dixon
11am Launchpad 2 Daintree – Australia: get off the couch! by David Thomas

Lunch Break
Noon – food trucks in the carpark will be open for food sale

Session 3

1pm Launchpad 3 Tram Stage – When life gives you lemons, make lemon…aid! Beating breast cancer and creating a foundation. by Rachelle Panitz
1pm Launchpad 2 Daintree – Trust. The new fronteer by Stephan Graf

Session 4
2pm Launchpad 3 Tram Stage – Reimagining workspaces panel with host, James Tuckerman or
2pm Launchpad 2 Daintree – Creating More by Oli Sansom

Session 5
3pm Launchpad 3 Tram Stage – #babeswithballs – the benefits of female led business by Jess Thomas
3pm Launchpad 2 Daintree – Excuse me! My pants have something to say by David Giles-Kaye


4.30pm Launchpad 3 Tram Stage



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