Immerse yourself in Media Lab Melbourne’s playful evening of sound and light.


Electronic sound performers and visual artists will unite to create an evening of electronic music, projections and playful installations. Four electronic music artists and four visual artists will perform, supported by a DJ. Creative practitioners make their own tools through custom software or hardware, bringing fresh perspectives through bespoke aesthetics.

Enjoy the interactive play zone, where audiences can indulge in playful installations, including a dual-player LED pong game and Virtual Reality painting.



  • Mindbuffer – Joshua Batty and Mitchell Nordine
  • Cat Full of Ghosts – Robert D Jordan
  • Grand Master Moth – Pierre Proske
  • Glitch (DJ) – Emma Stryder
  • Kit Webster
  • Hyper Reelist – Jobe Williams
  • UKI – Utility Kinetic Insect, a robotic insect car by Make Mob

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