Machines that read your mind

Moving a prosthetic limb with thoughts alone. A bionic brain part that restores memory. Brain scans that reveal your capacity for criminal behaviour.

Our ever-increasing power to read the human mind will raise new opportunities, new problems.

Come along for a lively evening of discussion and demonstration.

Hosted by the National Vision Research Institute, Australian College of Optometry and the University of Melbourne.


  • Professor Michael Ibbotson – neuroscientist, National Vision Research Institute, Melbourne
  • Ms Ann Nolan – co-founder, Snobal, Melbourne
  • Assistant Professor Femke Nijboer – neuropsychologist, Leiden University, Netherlands
  • Dr Nick Opie — biomedical engineer, founding director and Chief Technology Officer, SmartStent, Melbourne

Proudly presented by The Brain Dialogue, an initiative of the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Integrative Brain Function.

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