The Hub - Melbourne Knowledge Week

The Hub

The centre piece of MKW17 is the Festival Hub, an interactive meeting place where your knowledge week experience will be shared and distilled. Supported by State Library Victoria.

An agile, modular space, the hub is a lab, an experiential innovation area and a networking bar all in one. Most importantly, the hub is your space, a place where you will be inspired and a space where you can share your new knowledge with others.

Hub Programs

Immersive Media Lounge

In 2016, we witnessed a radical shift in the collective mindset of consumers, businesses and users on a global scale. A new set of tools had made their way into our fingertips and with this, new opportunities for impact, commerce, therapy and art have spilled into the mainstream.

Today, we are fortunate to be living in a time where Virtual, Augmented and Holographic worlds are now commonplace realities. The MKW hub will be providing a collaborative and interactive immersive transformation. Take a journey through the evolution of media, appreciate art through a new lens and dive into a visceral immersive world to open your mind to where new ideas are born.

Innovation Zone

Innovation inspires change and Melbourne Knowledge Week’s Innovation Lounge is true to form. Get a step ahead from the early adopters and discover tomorrow’s innovations from some of the city’s most exciting coders, hackers and makers.

The exhibition changes daily with new concepts and tools that will change how we work and live.

The Playground

Play a part in constructing an interactive media art puzzle!

Award winning artist Betty Sargeant has created a beautiful new community inclusive media artwork, The Playground

Over the festival week sculptural pieces will be hidden around the State Library Victoria and you’re invited to help find them, bring them into the MKW17 Festival Hub and connect them with a large collectively constructed sculpture.

If you want to be even more involved then come to The Playground workshops where you can play a bigger part in this media and creative technologies project.

Be a part of this community-inclusive project by using #PGArt2017. You can connect with The Playground via Facebook and read more about it here.