ThoughtLAB-14: MacGyver 2100

The Earth has been stripped bare of every last elemental resource.

Abandoned large scale mine pits, radioactivelakes, and sinkholes are regular features of the landscape. Humanity is still reeling from the collapse of capitalism and corporate enterprise in the late 21st century. The mistaken promise of technology as the only pathway to a sustainable way of life broken with the reality that technology itself requires finite resources.

Out of the dust, makers, tinkerers, and inventors flourish recycling, upcycling, and repurposing devices, electronic equipment, machines, and gadgets.

With the help of an experienced guest panel we invite you to channel your inner maker to create the future of this new sustainable technology movement. Brainstorm ideas from which CAKE Industries (artists Jesse Stevens & Dean Petersen) and cartoonist SarahNagorcka will realise prototypes and drawings live at the event; and contribute to One Last Call, a participatory art project by Anna Madeleine, by donating your disused mobile phone.

Guest panel:
Cameron Knox, Co-founder and CEO of Allume Energy
Anna McDonald, R&D Tax Incentive/ Government Grants Consultant, Saving Point, and serial entrepreneur
Benjamin Kolaitis, Emerging Technology Team Leader, Melbourne Library Service, City of Melbourne
Anna Madeleine, visual artist

Image courtesy of Dean Peterson & Jesse Stevens (Cake Industries).

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