Monash University’s Inclusive Technologies research team are on a mission to make our city more accessible for people who are blind or have low vision. In this pop-up display, visitors can explore the Inclusive Technology team’s work through four engaging activities:

– Tactile Melbourne: Visitors will try to identify a range of 3D printed map icons using only their sense of touch and then add a 3D icon to a tactile map of Melbourne.

– Annotated Melbourne: Audio annotation presents an opportunity to provide multimedia content for vision-impaired people. In this activity, visitors can explore options for accessing audio labels on physical objects and vote for their favourite.

– Interactive Melbourne: Visitors can converse with an interactive 3D model of the Royal Botanic Gardens, asking the model questions which it will answer by voice.

– Sonified Melbourne: Visitors will see how the Inclusive Technologies team are helping make infographics more accessible through InfoSonics: an innovative combination of speech labels, audio data and audio samples.

– Brailling Melbourne: This takeaway activity will provide visitors with a motivational quote written in braille on a sticky label, which they can then post somewhere in their local community.

*Option to pair a visit to this Melbourne Knowledge Week Prototype Street activation with the Accessible Melbourne Braille Bombing Tour