[ i miss your touch ]

What if we could never touch another person again?

Experience this award-winning interactive video artwork, which was launched as a rapid response to pandemic conditions in 2020. You’ll be transported into a shared virtual environment designed to produce unique and ephemeral art in response to your movements.

A live collaboration between participants and the PluginHUMAN artists, [ i miss your touch ] interacts with webcam live streams, allowing people to instantly see their movements and interactions. It offers a fun and personalised digital art experience, while demonstrating the power of virtual interactions that enable meaningful social and physical connections. When the ‘real’ thing isn’t possible, could a virtual hug provide comfort?

Join together with a friend or join with one of the PluginHUMAN artists and create an experimental online artwork. See ticket page for the various session times.

Sat 1 and Sun 2 May, 10am 2pm

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Free, booked out


  • Physical distance rating 100%
  • All knowledge levels welcome
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