What would the world look like if we transitioned from industrial-based to nature based innovation? What would business look like if it were based on the principles of biology? What would economics look like if it was based on ecology?

In our resource-constrained world, the concept of ‘business as usual’ is no longer fit for purpose. Co-Labs Melbourne is on a mission to catalyse biotechnological innovation and support our transition towards a regenerative, circular, bio-based economy.

This two-part event series will explore the critical factors impacting out life and world today and showcase world-changing solutions under development by a range of Melbourne biotechnology startups.

In the first event, attendees will learn about the emerging fields of science that lead the systemic transformation in how we think and approach life. Fields such as biomimcry, biodesign, living systems thinking, circular economics and regenerative development.

Following this educational presentation, an inspiring showcase will highlight several exciting Melbourne-based biotechnology startups that are turning to nature to find solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems.