Data journalist, writer, producer and presenter Mona Chalabi will be livestreamed in from the US to share her mission to “take the numb out of numbers.” While analysing statistics for the United Nations, Mona saw how vital data was and how easily people with specific agendas could manipulate it. So, she set out to make data more transparent and accessible for all.

Through her illustrations, animations, and articles for publications like The Guardian, FiveThirtyEight and The New York Times, Mona explores data sets on topics like affirmative action, voting trends, race and politics, alongside more offbeat issues like “how many Americans eat pizza for breakfast.” In this keynote talk hosted by broadcaster, journalist and podcast host, Elizabeth Kulas, Mona will walk the audience step-by-step through her process for creating data visualisations using simple language, beautiful images, and a decent dose of humour.

Please note Mona Chalabi will appear via video feed.

Co-presented by Melbourne Knowledge Week, RMIT Culture and the Wheeler Centre