Meet Melbourne’s hospitality entrepreneurs

Stories from the founders of successful Melbourne food and beverage brands.

Have you ever had one of Emma & Tom’s juices or a coffee from Market Lane Coffee? Perhaps you’ve enjoyed the pizza pies at Capitano or peanut butter miso cookies from Falco? Did you know all of these brands kick-started their entrepreneurial journeys in Melbourne?

Join the Wade Institute of Entrepreneurship for a chat with Fleur Studd, founder of Market Lane Coffee, Tom Griffith, co-founder of Emma & Tom’s, and Michael Bascetta, co-owner of Bar Liberty, Capitano, Falco Bakery and Worksmith. Discover how these big local brands came to be; each growing from just an idea into a successful company. Be inspired by their stories and learn from their experiences in the world of entrepreneurship.

Event Speakers

Katelyn Sharratt

Katelyn has recently been appointed the Director of Innovation and Enterprise, and will continue to build on the impact of her prior role in developing and implementing immersive entrepreneurial programs at the Wade Institute of Entrepreneurship. This includes the UpSchool K-12 teacher training, an online version of VC Catalyst investor program, and supporting the University of Melbourne’s Master of Entrepreneurship uniquely delivered at Wade Institute. Having grown up in California, Katelyn has pursued professional and learning experiences in startup, university, and corporate environments across the United States, France, Italy, and Australia. Her background is primarily in research and the development, delivery, teaching, and management of education programs across various cultural contexts. Katelyn is driven by a strong belief in the power of education to create change within and across communities, and has a continued focus on developing the entrepreneurial mindset and capabilities of people from all walks of life.

Fleur Wood

Fleur Studd

While Melburnians have always been coffee-obsessed, Fleur Studd has helped take that obsession to the next level. She founded coffee importer Melbourne Coffee Merchants over decade ago, with the aim of sustainably sourcing the very best coffees from around the world and sharing the extraordinary stories of the producers behind them. Fleur is also co-founder of Market Lane Coffee, a roaster and retailer with 6 outlets and over 50 staff, that’s part of the daily routine of thousands of Melbourne coffee-lovers. Fleur’s mission is to redefine what coffee is and can be, and to build a market for, and appreciation of, specialty coffee. In doing so she hopes to ignite positive and lasting change in the coffee industry and build a more sustainable future for coffee producers and their communities.

Michael Bascetta

Michael is Co-founder and CEO of Worksmith. He is a hospitality professional with over a decade of experience in the industry. He spent his formative years at Attica and is now co-owner of the award-winning Bar Liberty (Fitzroy), Capitano (Carlton) and Falco Bakery (Collingwood). Now CEO & Co-Founder of Worksmith, his main focus is driving industry sustainability and the building of community in all its forms.

Tom Griffiths

Tom Griffith

Tom worked as a chartered accountant, investment banker and corporate advisor in Australia, London and Paris before launching Emma & Tom’s with childhood friend Emma Welsh, in 2004. Today, Emma & Tom’s sells a broad range of healthy drinks and snacks to over 6,000 Australian retail outlets. Asia and the Middle East are export customers. Tom is also a keynote speaker, Director or Corporate Advisor Record Point and advisor to GAP Technologies.


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