Melbourne-Bandung: Resilience innovations

Innovators from Melbourne and Bandung unite to discuss sustainable solutions to combat the challenges of climate change.

Can innovation and entrepreneurship help prepare our cities for natural disasters and climate change?

Melbourne and Bandung, Indonesia, are more than 5000 kilometres apart. And yet the challenges facing our cities are not dissimilar, from waste and transport strains to health and employment pressures. In this interactive workshop, witness the value of innovation and collaboration as innovators, entrepreneurs and startup ecosystem leaders discuss scenarios and case studies in both Melbourne and Bandung. You’ll be invited to join the conversation through an audience Q&A.

Get inspired to ‘think global’ in this multi-city online discussion so that we might strengthen our environmental resilience for the future.

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Wed 28 April, 4pm 5.30pm AEDT

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Event Speakers

Annisa Wibi Ismarlanti

Annisa Wibi leads the operation functions at an exciting and ground-breaking materials startup company, MYCL. MYCL is an emerging biotechnology company that provides sustainable materials with mycelium (fungus) technology. The company develops a low impact leather called Mylea, an alternative material to substitute animal leather and synthethic leather for various applications. They have also developed Biobo, bio-materials for buildings, using the Mylea waste to create structures and interiors that look modern whilst being functional and strong in compression. As COO, Annisa balances business viability with impact to the community and the environment. Prior to Mycotech, Annisa started her career as a mushroom farmer and she also co-founded an edible growing mushroom kit in a box, named Growbox.

Adam Bumpus

Dr Adam Bumpus is CEO and Co-Founder of RedGrid and Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship, Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Melbourne. He has worked in climate change and energy for nearly 20 years, helping organisations like the UN, World Bank, and the private sector improve clean energy investment and innovation, and helping build capacity for corporate execs and our young people on how to be climate leaders. In 2018, Adam co-founded RedGrid, one of Australia’s leading energy software companies that is blazing the path towards decentralisation. RedGrid is building software-defined grids (SDGs), a new digital infrastructure that enables devices within the household to autonomously participate in grid stability, rewarding individuals for their participation. In 2020 RedGrid rolled out this technology within the UN award-winning minigrid at Monash University, and in residential property developments with Australian property developer Mirvac.

Maree Grenfell

Maree worked as Melbourne’s Deputy Chief Resilience Officer for six years (part of 100 Resilient Cities), creating and implementing Australia’s first urban resilience strategy led by local government. She is now the (co)Manager City Resilience and Sustainable Futures for City of Melbourne.

Maree upholds strong personal integrity to influence positive change by working for our planet and its people.  A strategic and creative thinker, Maree specialises in bringing a new mindset to old themes, drawing together often siloed themes. She draws on an eclectic background in ecology, urban design, sustainability, social psychology and economic impact to create and deliver transformational programs that shift mindsets and practice around sustainability, inclusive communities and resilient environments.

Timothy Kallady

Tim is the founder of, an AI software company specialising in design, prototyping and scaling of AI applications in a range of industries. He is passionate about realising the potential of AI for transforming industries and building a better future. In 2019, deployed a new AI flood warning system, using historic rainfall data to build and teach an AI to predict flash floods and automatically warn those likely to be affected so they can take proactive action. Tim is also an international keynote speaker and host of the ‘How to AI’ podcast where he interviews industry leaders about AI projects they’ve implemented.

Vanessa Letizia

Vanessa is the Executive Director of Greeneration Foundation, a non-profit platform based in Bandung. Greeneration Foundation focuses on waste management issues by utilising creative media to improve people’s behaviour and implement Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) in Indonesia. Their main programs are EcoRanger (a community empowerment program in tourism destination areas); (a digital platform that is a hub for information about waste management issues in Indonesia); and Indonesia Circular Economy Forum (a platform to promote the implementation of Circular Economy in Indonesia). Vanessa’s expertise includes partnership with local communities, NGOs, and government representatives to design and implement development programs. She is also experienced in community-based environmental management and governance at local and national levels.

Yulian (Ian) Widodo

Ian is the founder of Khaira Energy, an award-winning Indonesian cleantech startup. Khaira Energy is the first and only smart battery system in Indonesia that offers a cutting-edge smart battery & solar pv solution at a more affordable price, helping people to easily switch to clean energy, lower their electricity bill and be more energy independent. Born from a desire to support energy independence, Khaira Energy has helped homes and offices switch to environmentally friendly, clean energy. A total of 30,000 running hours have been contributed by the Khaira Energy units.


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