A grey bird with yellow tail and beak

More-than-Human Dérive

Take a multi-sensory exploration of Melbourne’s urban forest, and creatively share your experiences online.

Could sharing nonhuman stories, ‘voices’ and perspectives of our urban forest — a complex ecosystem of more than 70,000 trees and many other creatures — help us to better connect and live with it?

Created by RMIT’s Care-full Design Lab in collaboration with design researchers from Aalto University, Finland, this digitally-guided journey will take participants on a multi-sensory exploration of Melbourne’s thriving urban forest to playfully encounter the creatures, critters, and beings that cohabit the city with us. They will then be invited to creatively share their experiences online, which will contribute towards a larger artwork, to be constructed after MKW. This artwork will create alternative, hybrid mappings of Melbourne’s incredible urban forest.

All ages are encouraged to embark on this discovery adventure and express their unique experiences to provoke conversation and sharing.

This project aligns with CreaTures, a three-year EU Horizon 2020 project under grant agreement No 870759. CreaTures explores the power of creative practices to move the world towards sustainable futures.

Photo by John Torcasio on Unsplash

Mon 26 May 9am to Sun 2 May 6pm

Various locationsand Digital Hub
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  • wheelchair accessibleWheelchair accessible
  • guide dogs and service animalsDog guides and service animals
  • All knowledge levels welcome
  • Physical distance rating 75%
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