What really is waste anyway? This interactive panel will explore how circular economy practices could re-imagine what waste is and what we can do with it. Focusing on high-impact areas in our city (such as fashion and textiles), the discussion will shed light on what is happening in circular economies in Victoria and beyond. You will hear from a range of voices, including academics, sustainability and circular economy experts, and students, and watch a screening of short documentaries produced by RMIT students exploring waste, circular economy research and teaching at RMIT. Presented by the Circular Economy Hub@RMIT, IC3P (Integrated Circular Economy, Climate Resilience and Clean Energy Platform) and the Victorian Circulator Activator.

*This event is part of the RMIT Culture Talks: a four-part series designed to translate knowledge and examine issues affecting the community in an accessible and engaging way. Each session will include RMIT academics as speakers alongside collaborators, industry representatives and community members, showcasing creative, innovative ideas and research.

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