Melbourne knowledge week
Melbourne Knowledge Week

Pivot: An artificially intelligent see-saw

Tuesday 21 May - Sunday 26 May, various times


Pivot is a playground for anyone adult enough to want to engage with ideas and passions that may be different to their own.

We ask you to be patient with Pivot, as with each other. Enjoy the rare opportunity to ride an artificially intelligent see-saw. They are an endangered piece of equipment, much like the dwindling opportunities more generally in contemporary society to resolve our differences through the peaceful means of dialogue.

Rejoice in the safe absurdity of the ride, while our democracy teeters towards ever more dangerous farce. As you enjoy the rare opportunity to ride, speak, and listen, remember that Pivot is programmed to consider all words it hears, and is reflecting your own views, and the views of many others. Pivot hopes that your conversations can be a tonic for a strengthened empathy.

Take the future for a test run on Prototype Street, a pop-up exhibition where you can view and interact with a re-imagined street of the future, outside the MKW Hub in the heart of the Melbourne Innovation District.


Getting There

This event has passed.

Dates and times

Tue 21 May,
12pm — 5pm

Wed 22 May,
12pm — 5pm

Thu 23 May,
12pm — 5pm

Fri 24 May,
12pm — 5pm

Sat 25 May,
12pm — 5pm

Sun 26 May,
12pm — 4pm


Prototype Street - Blackwood Street, North Melbourne VIC, Australia

Wheelchair accessible

Getting There