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Melbourne Knowledge Week

Biometric mirror: Digital data and ethics in reflection

Tuesday 21 May, 6.30pm - 8.30pm

Biometric Mirror

What can we see in our own reflections, what do others see, including the machines that capture our data in the many places we go?

Consider the future of facial recognition and if we can we trust the machines capturing our data at a talk and presentation with human-computer interaction specialist Dr Niels Wouters, the inventor of the Biometric mirror. The Biometric mirror is an immersive installation that uses artificial intelligence to better understand people’s faces. Learn more about the project and how it links to the facial recognition software that is increasingly being installed in our airports, shopping centres, museums and the spaces we may least expect.

Biometric Mirror is a collaborative research project between the Research Centre for Social Natural User Interfaces and the Science Gallery Melbourne at the University of Melbourne. Biometric Mirror was also featured in the Science Gallery exhibition PERFECTION in collaboration with science fiction artist Lucy McRae, an artwork exploring the accuracy and flaws of artificial intelligence and the ‘uncanny valley’ of algorithmic perfection and its potential black mirror outcomes.

Biometric Mirror

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Tue 21 May,
6.30pm — 8.30pm


Melbourne School of Design, Masson Road, Parkville VIC, Australia

Wheelchair accessible

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