Melbourne knowledge week
Melbourne Knowledge Week

Delve into Computing Futures

Monday 20 May - Sunday 26 May, daily from 10am

Event Image ARC Centre of Excellence

Sending an email requires more electricity than you’d think. Computing now contributes as much to climate change as the aviation industry. And let’s not talk about the horsepower needed to watch Netflix!

Presented by FLEET*, Computing Futures is a week-long interactive exhibition at the Hub, exploring how computers have evolved and the limits of current technologies. Get excited about the history of computing and explore what’s next in low-energy electronics, with science demonstrations and hands-on activities. Learn about the Internet of Things (IoT), how many devices connect to the web (*hint, a lot!), changes in microchip transistors and more at this electrifying exhibit with a side of science.

Event Image ARC Centre of Excellence

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Dates and times

Mon 20 May,
6pm — 10pm

Tue 21 May,
10am — 10pm

Wed 22 May,
10am — 10pm

Thu 23 May,
10am — 10pm

Fri 24 May,
10am — 10pm

Sat 25 May,
10am — 10pm

Sun 26 May,
10am — 4pm


Meat Market, 3 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne VIC, Australia

Wheelchair accessible

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