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Week 7—13
May 2018

MKW18 7—13 May

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Disrupting the Food Chain: How Innovation and Research is Redefining our Food System

Food - Panel

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What new technology will be the answer to food waste?

We are throwing away tons and tons of perfectly good food every day. And it’s not just you and I – the whole supply chain is plagued by waste. We hear about it, we see it happening, we know we can be better – but how? Thanks to food researchers and innovators, new technology is changing the game and a food revolution is ripe for the picking. There will be winners and losers, but building resilience in the system is at the top of the menu. Join us to hear about how we are redefining food systems through new research and application. Leading innovators and researchers will discuss what they’ve been working on to revolutionise our food system and how we can engage all parties in the supply chain to make a positive and lasting impact.

This event is part of From the Ground Up: An Exploration of Food, Hospitality and Technology in Melbourne – a day of programming dedicated to understanding the role Melbourne plays in the wider conversation around food and innovation. Check out the full visual schedule, or download a text version.

Image: Jasmine Fisher via Matters Journal

Speaker Info

Dr Rachel Carey

Dr Rachel Carey is a Research Fellow in the Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences at the University of Melbourne, where her research focuses on sustainable food systems and food policy. She currently leads the Foodprint Melbourne project, which is investigating the resilience of Melbourne’s city fringe foodbowl and its importance to the city’s food security.

Jason Tye-Din

Dr Jason Tye-Din is a gastroenterologist and researcher who specialises in the care of people with coeliac disease and gluten-related disorders. He heads the Coeliac Research Lab at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute and runs a coeliac clinic at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. He has worked with the City of Melbourne to understand the provision of gluten-free foods in the food industry. He chairs the Medical Advisory Committee of Coeliac Australia and is involved in a range of medical and community awareness initiatives.

Nick Rose

Nick Rose is a specialist in food sovereignty and food security and supports food system policy in his role as Executive Director of Sustain: The Australian Food Network. He also lectures in food systems in the Bachelor of Food Studies and Master of Food Systems and Gastronomy at William Angliss Institute.

Rose Elphick Darling

Rose has a background in executive management, project management and public policy in the areas of transport infrastructure, strategic planning, freight and logistics. She has led numerous programs and projects to deliver supply chain improvements, strategic investment in freight networks and to develop capacity in industry sectors and individual firms. Her current research focus is on supply chain optimisation, digital business and ecommerce, freight network planning and business performance in supply chain.

Toby Kent

Toby Kent has created and implemented resilience and sustainability strategies across a range of sectors. Since the late 1990s he has worked with governments, communities, industry sectors, and many other stakeholders on five continents.

Various achievements include: helping to guide the growth of Corporate Citizenship, one of the UK’s preeminent specialist Sustainability consultancies; leading Pricewaterhouse Coopers’ Sustainability work with retail and consumer goods companies in the UK; and running PwC’s Sustainability & Climate Change team in Hong Kong.

Prior to joining the City Of Melbourne, Toby worked with leading Melbourne businesses, including MMG mining corporation and ANZ bank, where he was Head of Sustainable Development. Toby has a Master’s Degree in Urbanization (Housing and Social Change) from the London School of Economics.

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