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Melbourne Knowledge Week

Kitchen narratives

Thursday 23 May, 1pm - 2pm

Kitchen Narratives

The kitchen is the centre of our homes and lives, a place to gather with loved ones, whip up culinary delights and eat together in harmony - but what if this room of food and family only exists in the ads?

Feed your curiosity with this day-long exhibition and a panel discussion on society’s fetish with the humble kitchen and the way it is depicted in film, television and advertising. Delve into the shiny world of marble benchtops, sparkling stovetops and various kitchen appliances as they appear on screen. From share-houses to showrooms, in the community or on glossy real estate ads, compare the image of the perfect kitchen with the reality of how they are used in the real world at Kitchen narratives.

Kitchen Narratives

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Thu 23 May,
1pm — 2pm


Meat Market, 3 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne VIC, Australia

Wheelchair accessible

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