Melbourne knowledge week
Melbourne Knowledge Week

Market Lane: Open house

Thursday 23 May, 11.30am - 12.30pm


What is naturally processed coffee? This coffee tasting and education session in the Hub will give you an opportunity to smell and taste naturally pressed coffee and learn about coffee processing.

Melbourne is a city with a strong reputation for its hospitality. It is known worldwide for its restaurant and cafe culture and, in particular, for its superlative coffee. When Market Lane opened their roastery and coffee shop at the Prahran Market in 2009, they had a clear objective to sustainably source, roast and share exceptional coffee from some of the best producers in the world. Their goal was to ignite positive change in the coffee industry by redefining what coffee is and can be, and to build a market for, and appreciation of, speciality coffee.

Coffee processing refers to how the skin and fruit of the coffee cherry are removed so that the seeds within (coffee beans) can be dried and prepared for export. Before the industrialisation of coffee production, freshly picked coffee cherries would simply be laid out to dry in the sun, over time transforming the vibrant red cherries to a deeper burgundy colour. Once dried, the cherries would be milled to remove the skin and fruit, leaving the seeds to be exported and sold as green, un-roasted coffee beans. Thus naturally processed coffee.

Sample the Market Lane coffee flavours in this delicious tasting session.


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Dates and times

Thu 23 May,
11.30am — 12.30pm


Meat Market, 3 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne VIC, Australia

Auslan interpretation on request, Wheelchair accessible

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