Melbourne knowledge week
Melbourne Knowledge Week

Melbourne City DNA

Monday 20 May - Sunday 26 May, various times

Melbourne City DNA

How can data bring about change to our city?

You don’t need a microscope to examine the DNA of our city. Melbourne’s DNA is in its data: maps, stories, the information we collect, the projects we undertake. The city is alive, and the echoes it creates tell us not only how it has evolved, but also what futures are open to us.

Melbourne City DNA is an imaginative blending of the physical and digital worlds, using emerging technology to bring the city’s data sets to life and illustrate how Melbourne is changing in real time. See the city through the eyes of others with Virtual Reality, and discover new insights via interactive touchscreen maps and a live printed, projection-mapped 3D city model.

Melbourne City DNA

Getting There

This event has passed.

Dates and times

Mon 20 May,
6pm — 10pm

Tue 21 May,
10am — 8pm

Wed 22 May,
10am — 8pm

Thu 23 May,
10am — 10pm

Fri 24 May,
10am — 8pm

Sat 25 May,
10am — 8pm

Sun 26 May,
10am — 4pm


Meat Market, 3 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne VIC, Australia

Wheelchair accessible

Getting There