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Week 7—13
May 2018

MKW18 7—13 May

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Microscopic Metropolis: The Dirt on Food

Food - Workshop

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What mysteries lurk in the soil beneath our feet?

Part laboratory, part studio, this workshop will introduce you to the mysterious and biodiverse underworld that is soil: the under-appreciated micro-polis beneath our feet, on which the world’s food systems depend. What can we learn from these underground communities? Can we compare our internet to the vast fungal webs that connect with plants in the soil? How can we work in a more caring partnership with the microbial friends who help us eat well? Through storytelling and collaborative drawing, art-science collaborative Scale Free Network will playfully bring this invisible world to life, reframing soil health from the perspective of microorganisms. Inspire your imagination and explore the foundations of our food system.

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Speaker Info

Aviva Reed

Aviva Reed is a visual ecologist whose work aims to explore time and scale using storytelling and visual aids to communicate complex scientific ideas relating to evolution and the ecological imagination. As a core member of the Small Friends Books team, Aviva co-designs workshops inspired by these award-winning publications.

Briony Barr

Briony Barr is a conceptual artist using rule-based drawing, participatory installation and scientific methodology. As co-founder of art-science collaborative Scale Free Network, she creates interdisciplinary projects which incorporate drawing as a tool for seeing and, more broadly, as a means of engaging with the 'invisible' world of the microscopic.

Gregory Crocetti

Gregory Crocetti is a microbiologist and science educator who co-founded Scale Free Network with Briony Barr and Jacqui Smith. He publishes the Small Friends Books series with Briony and other artists, telling stories about symbiotic partnerships between microorganisms and larger forms of life.

Kelly Donati

Kelly Donati lectures in Australia's first Bachelor of Food Studies and Master of Food Systems at William Angliss Institute. She is a board director of Melbourne Farmers Markets and founding Chairperson of Sustain: the Australian Food Network. Her research explores the microbial relations of multispecies gastronomy in small-scale agriculture.

Nick Rose

Nick Rose is a specialist in food sovereignty and food security and supports food system policy in his role as Executive Director of Sustain: The Australian Food Network. He also lectures in food systems in the Bachelor of Food Studies and Master of Food Systems and Gastronomy at William Angliss Institute.

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