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Week 7—13
May 2018

MKW18 7—13 May

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City Design - Exhibition

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Who let an artist mess with the city’s source code?

Shake up reality and see what falls out. Troy Innocent’s RE:CODE explores mixed realities and makes Melbourne into a living lab, playground, and test site for experiences. Come along and pass through dimensions: sculpture, animation, image, sound and live play. Learn the language of urban codemaking. Find out how play can change the city.

Bring your curiosity to an artist talk with Innocent, who’ll give you even more opportunities to live play the exhibition.

Speaker Info

Troy Innocent

Innocent is an artist, academic, designer and educator whose hybrid practice traverses multiple disciplines. His public art practice incorporates pervasive game design, augmented reality, and urban design supporting a long-term investigation into interactive and speculative experiences of the city as an emergent process. Innocent is a current Melbourne Knowledge Fellow researching playable cities in the UK and Europe to inform development of street games exploring playful wayfinding.

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