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Week 7—13
May 2018

MKW18 7—13 May

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Singularity: An Automated Solo Dining Experience

Technology - Theatre

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Fancy a candelit dinner with a robot?

Automatic, efficient, sustaining. As the world changes people are increasingly living alone. An automated personal dining experience has been designed as a solution to the isolation. ‘Singularity’ gives a glimpse of a future where artificial intelligence provides for all of your nutritional and emotional needs. From the security of your privacy booth, a mobile food distribution automat will wait on you to nourish and entertain. An original show created and performed by artist duo Cake Industries (Jesse Stevens and Dean Petersen), ‘Singularity’ is an immersive live art experience incorporating robotics, visuals, sound and lighting. Following each show, the artists and special guests will present a panel on its themes, ideas and sculptures. Solo dining has never been so energising.

Speaker Info

Cake Industries

Experimental artists Jesse Stevens & Dean Petersen have worked together since 2006 as permanent collaboration, Cake Industries. Their eclectic sculptural practice includes mechatronics, robotics, 3D printing, and reworked everyday objects to create darkly humorous anthropomorphic and autonomous sculptural works as well as immersive experiences that explore anachronistic futurism.

Jonathan Chang

Jonathan Chang is the Manager Director at Silverpond Pty Ltd, which provides software engineering and data science services to organisations and startups. Under his guidance, Silverpond inject creativity into software to open minds, extend abilities, and solve problems. Prior to this Jonathan was the Chief Technology Officer at Intrascope Analytics.

Michelle Mannering

Michelle Mannering has co-founded an artificial intelligence company and competed on the world stage, representing Australia at Microsoft’s global technology competition. Michelle continues to be heavily involved in both the startup and corporate community, from running hackathons to MCing, speaking, and facilitating a range of events. Known as the 'Hackathon Queen', Michelle has now started a new venture, working with companies running innovation workshops and hackathons.

Susie Sheldrick

Susie is the Community Manager at Silverpond Pty Ltd, and is the founder of BonVR, a startup creating VR and 360 content for travel companies. With a keen interest in human centred design and its application to technology and entrepreneurial ventures, Susie organises ML&AI Meetups. She holds a Masters in Entrepreneurship from the University of Melbourne.

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