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Week 7—13
May 2018

MKW18 7—13 May

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Nick Byrne

Nick Byrne is an entrepreneur who has experience working in the corporate, not-for-profit, and startup sectors. He has helped many Australian startups and corporate teams define new ways of work, and launch new digital product offerings. He is currently the co-founder and CEO of TypeHuman, which was founded on a belief that we need to accelerate the adoption of Web 3.0 technologies in order to bring about a more human-centric web.

Nick Byrne's events

Startup Breakfast: The Future of Work

What will your job look like in the future? Will the rise of Artificial Intelligence, robotics and digital platforms affect your work? What happens to management in a future where company structures have shifted? The world is changing, so work is changing. Find out what that means for you at this startup breakfast.

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Blockchain: Reclaiming Identity

Identity in the digital age is more than who you are – it's where you spend money, who you chat with, how you pay your taxes. RMIT and TypeHuman are developing an app to help people take back ownership of their identities – find out how you can protect and reclaim your identity with blockchain technology. Nick Byrne (TypeHuman), Katherine Noall (CEO, Sphere Identity), Alastair Berg (Blockchain Innovation Hub at RMIT) and Professor Jason Potts (Blockchain Innovation Hub at RMIT) will show you how it can protect you from identity theft, change the ways we use money and transform society.

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