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Week 7—13
May 2018

MKW18 7—13 May

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Supply & Demand: Fresh Produce Markets in Melbourne

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Do our markets still produce the best results for foodies?

There are corner stores, local farmers markets, street stalls and supermarkets – but which one has the eggplants you need for that perfect moussaka you decide to make at 8pm on a Tuesday? Melbourne is spoilt for choice and has access to world-class fresh produce markets – so how do they shape food consumption in our city? These places are some of our favourite cultural landmarks and form a big part of our city’s history, but when convenience is a factor, habits are tough to shake. Come and hear about how the food sales system fits together, the trends for buyers and what’s next for Melbourne’s markets.

This event is part of From the Ground Up: An Exploration of Food, Hospitality and Technology in Melbourne – a day of programming dedicated to understanding the role Melbourne plays in the wider conversation around food and innovation. Check out the full visual schedule, or download a text version.

Speaker Info

Fiona Whitworth

Fiona Whitworth is the General Manager Strategy & Operations at Queen Victoria Market. Through this role she oversees a multi disciplinary team responsible for both the day to day running of the market site, and planning for the market business to secure a long-term future for the market and traditional market trading in the city. She is passionate about maintaining Melbourne’s market culture as an important part of the city’s small business eco-system.

Miranda Sharp

Miranda Sharp established the Collingwood Children’s Farm Farmers Market in 2002 and is the director of Melbourne Farmers Markets, a not for profit social enterprise that now operates six accredited markets around the city, and is one of the partners in the new Alphington Community Food Hub. Miranda is a Legend of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.

Morgan Ranieri

Morgan cut his teeth in startups as a co-founder of Thankyou Group at age 18. He's a strong believer in the idea that business can be a huge force for good. As co-founder & CEO of YourGrocer, Morgan is helping people enjoy food to the fullest whilst fixing the food system in Australia.


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