Melbourne knowledge week
Melbourne Knowledge Week

The art of cheese-making and microbes

Tue 21 May, 5.30 — 8pm


What if the cheese microbes were in charge? Learn to listen to the ancient wisdoms of cheese and their inner microbial lives.

Imagine a food future crafted with microbes in this cheese workshop with the Australian Specialist Cheese-makers Association and Scale Free Network. Explore how the language of the rumen speaks to the cheese-maker and witness the complexity of the microbial life of cheese. Sample the delicious mysteries of cheese’s microbial world with a cheese and bread tasting, from the breads crafted during the Science of sourdough, matched with wines. See cheese in a whole new light, gastronomically and ecologically.


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Tue 21 May,
5.30pm — 8pm


William Angliss Institute, 555 La Trobe St, Melbourne, 3000

Wheelchair accessible

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