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May 2018

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Tiny Solutions

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Can you live large in a tiny home?

Great minds make small footprints. Tiny Solutions demonstrates how tiny homes do more with less while catering to a broad range of community needs. Tiny homes offer an alternative model of sustainable, affordable and self-sufficient housing; could tiny homes also offer solutions across a broad range of social issues? Tiny Solutions is a collaboration with other tiny homes change-makers to enable this smart housing alternative to grow and thrive in order to better support our citizens and the planet, with the aim to educate and inspire potential solutions.

Take a tiny tour at three tiny homes set up around the Melbourne CBD:

Friday 11 May, 8am–6pm – Harbour Esplanade, opposite Etihad Stadium, Melbourne

Saturday 12 May, 8am–6pm – Bunnings carpark, 501 Williamstown Rd, Port Melbourne

Sunday 13 May, 8am–6pm – Bunnings carpark, 501 Williamstown Rd, Port Melbourne

See the Tiny Homes team every day from 12–1.30pm and 3–4.30pm, where they will explain how you can get started on your very own tiny home. You’ll hear from tiny house suppliers, learn about legal issues, permits, environmental and social impacts, as well as have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Speaker Info

Big Tiny

Big Tiny is the first company in Singapore to integrate and pioneer the concept of 'tiny houses' with eco-tourism. Big Tiny takes this one step further by placing its beautifully designed compact homes on wheels in spectacular rural settings in Australia.

Chris Wenban

Chris Wenban, of Tiny Footprint, has worked in the Management Consulting and IT industries for over 20 years both in the UK, Australia and around the world. She has focused on Project Management and Process consulting leaving her with a focus on optimising resources. To this end she wants to help people to leave a light footprint behind whilst enabling them to live life to fullest, reducing the ever-present financial and time pressures of 21st Century life.

Elle Paton

Elle Paton is the founder of the Australian Tiny House Directory, one of the co-creators of the Australian Tiny Houses Facebook community group and sits on the Board of Tiny Non-profit, which is focused toward supporting the tiny house movement in Australia. Her mission is to encourage the free flow of information and create a one-stop hub for everything a tiny house enthusiast may need to help them simplify their transition to a tiny life.

Ferne King

Ferne King, of Tiny Footprint, has a passion for design she has renovated and built many homes. The love life, live tiny concept allows Ferne to continue her passion for design and above that work with people to realise their goals and dreams while influencing a smaller footprint.

Kate Trivic

After writing her Masters thesis on the Tiny House Movement, Kate founded Tiny Consulting, a consulting service dedicated to providing information on the town planning rules and regulations surrounding tiny houses in Victoria. Through workshops and private consultations, Kate assists individuals and groups whose aim is to live in tiny houses permanently and legally. Kate believes that all individuals have a right to sustainable, safe and equitable housing and is passionate about helping people realise their dreams to live tiny.

Peter Vollert

Peter Vollert, of Ecoflo Wastewater Management, is an engineer by profession and has a wealth of experience in this field. He is also a strong advocate of good environmental stewardship and brings his background in engineering to create innovative solutions for waste management. These solutions are widely used in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region.

Ric Butler

Ric Butler, of Tiny House2Go, was a founding director of a national dealer owned franchise group Office National. After selling the business in 2012 he became involved at Ecoss a not for profit environment park designed to educate people in living a more sustainable life.

Rikki Pieters

Rikki Pieters, of ESC Consulting, has spent 15 years in the social and affordable housing sector, enabling organisations in the delivery of housing and support services for the homeless and disadvantaged. Her skills revolve around the setting up and improvement of organisational and management systems as well as stakeholder consultation and engagement from board to community level.

Sarah Smethurst

Sarah Smethurst is the owner builder of Tiny Go Lightly, an off grid tiny house in Gippsland, Victoria. Searching for a way to design a more sustainable and meaningful lifestyle, Sarah stumbled across her first tiny house online in 2014. Eager to create a home while avoiding a mortgage and the burden of too much stuff, Sarah was an instant tiny house convert. Over the next two years, Sarah undertook the project of building her own tiny house and now lives on a block with family. The house is project in sustainability – living with solar power, rain water, a grey water system and compost toilet has helped Sarah minimise her ecological impact and deepen her understanding of living within our means. Sarah is an advocate for creative, sustainable and meaningful living and has been featured on the ABC radio, in the Age online, and in the most recent edition of Earth Garden magazine.

Valerie Bares

Valerie Bares was an experienced electronic systems engineer before seeing the light and deciding to study environmental management. After many environmental positions around the globe including EnviroDevelopment National Manager at the UDIA, Valerie created ESC Consulting in 2016. Together with her business partner Rikki Pieters, ESC Consulting is dedicated to environmental, sustainability and community services.

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