Melbourne knowledge week
Melbourne Knowledge Week

What native species are hiding in your backyard?

Tuesday 21 May, 5.30pm - 7pm

What native species are hiding in your backyard

Ever wondered what native plants and animals share your backyard, local park, creek or even your house? Hint: it's not just gum trees and possums.

Hear stories from the urban jungle about the rare and unusual organisms sharing our environment and how we can better protect these special creatures. With many threatened species calling Melbourne home, including 46 species listed under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999, you could have a swift parrot, a growling grass frog or a spider-orchid as a neighbour. Learn from ecologists and conservationists about their habitats and how you can better share the city with these hidden living treasures.

What native species are hiding in your backyard

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Tue 21 May,
5.30pm — 7pm


Room G26/27, BioSciences 1, Building 123, University of Melbourne School of BioSciences, Tin Alley (off Royal Parade), Parkville VIC, Australia

Wheelchair accessible

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