Melbourne knowledge week
Melbourne Knowledge Week

WORKPLACE: Apply for a future job

Tuesday 20 May - Sunday 26 May, various times

WORKPLACE is a performance and installation that invites you to consider how your time and labour might be valued in the future. Come and apply for your future job at Prototype Street – no experience necessary, imagination required.

Faster and smarter AI, robots and cyborgs are going to be the answer to all your workplace woes, but hold on, doesn’t it mean you’ll be out of a job? WORKPLACE is a ‘co-working’ space for the creation of alternative work futures. This performance based installation invites you to imagine new visions of work in this age of increasing automation. With a nod to Melbourne’s historic role adopting the eight-hour work day and 40-hour work week in the mid-1800s, WORKPLACE asks what human work will look like in the years to come? Challenge your beliefs about the history and future of work, and discover a different reality at WORKPLACE.

WORKPLACE is a project developed by Ana Tiquia in collaboration with Corey James, Colby Vexler and Annie Wu.

Getting There

This event has passed.

Dates and times

Tue 21 May,
10am — 6pm

Wed 22 May,
10am — 6pm

Thu 23 May,
10am — 6pm

Fri 24 May,
10am — 6pm

Sat 25 May,
11am — 4pm

Sun 26 May,
11am — 4pm


Meat Market, 3 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne VIC, Australia

Wheelchair accessible

Getting There