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Week 7—13
May 2018

MKW18 7—13 May

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Our world is changing – but we have the knowledge today to create the Melbourne of tomorrow. Through seven days of interactive events, workshops, dinners, and performances, Melbourne Knowledge Week will explore the exciting opportunities, tackle the urgent challenges, and share skills to help shape the future of Melbourne and #KNOWNEXTNOW.

Our Special Picks

The Long Now: Planning a 10,000 Year Future for Human Knowledge

What does it mean to plan 10,000 years into the future? The Long Now Foundation in San Francisco is trying to answer this question. Working to reframe our sense of the here and now to be a bigger 'here' and a longer 'now', the Long Now provides a sense of agency and responsibility for the future of our human civilisation.

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Lunchtime Talks: Not just news to us

It’s not just a breakfast TV that has a problem – there is a long history of racism in the Australian media. But indigenous media has its own history, and now innovations like IndigenousX are changing the landscape. With black voices increasingly telling their own stories and shaping public debate, what does the future hold? And what are the implications for Aboriginal identities and social movements? Join journalist and academic Jack Latimore to find out.

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Lifestyle of the Richard and Family

Dinner party drama turns tech-rave apocalypse. This poetically absurd modern drama takes our most familiar truths and our most popular aspirations to a level of strangeness beyond comprehension – a point of no return. Harriet Gillies leads a team of stellar performers through an algorithm to understand the increasing role predictive technologies play in our day-to-day lives.

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Food Fighter Screening

After filling up at the Rescue Banquet Dinner, learn more about how to fight food waste. At this special screening of the critically acclaimed film 'Food Fighter', watch food crusader Ronni Kahn confront issues around sustainability, food systems and future diets.

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Mini make day

This is DIY without the splinters. Join a family-friendly day of free games, workshops, talks, community hangouts and virtual reality. Mini Make Day will team you up with makers, artists and organisations that create incredible things share their skills and celebrate the do-it-yourself spirit.

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Would you trade your data to personalise your diet?

Fri 20 April | by James Douglas

Everyday nutrition can be a forbidding topic for most of us. But what if a microwave could help you out? Or, maybe not a microwave; something more like a combination pantry-fridge-personal-chef, serving out perfectly-portioned, balanced meals, straight off your kitchen bench. A machine that understands your body better than you do, fortifying you with iron-rich foods when your levels are low, or loading you up with carbs if you’re going for a jog.

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Realism or Reality: The Rise of Mixed Reality in Art

Mon 23 April | by By Deanne Sheldon-Collins

Are art and science mutually exclusive? How often do we value art based only on its aesthetic impact, and technology only in terms of its functionality? Yet art can be political, interactive, challenging; technology can be entertaining, decorative, joyous. And as technology develops, it unlocks new ways of creating and experiencing art.

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Courage Against The Machine: New Medical Technology Tackles Fear Head-On

Thu 26 April | by Elizabeth Flux

Technology in health care is improving at an almost unprecedented rate and moving in directions that were once unimaginable. There are robots performing surgery as the doctor stands aside, and bionic limbs have moved from science fiction to reality.

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