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Al Jeffery
Base Communities

Data smarts to live better together

Al Jeffery

With a bold vision and a mindful approach, Al Jeffery, founder at The Base Between, is a community-designer, facilitator, author and big-thinker on the future of living and working.

Since founding a global event series and being listed in Australia’s Top 30 entrepreneurs Under 30, Al co-founded Base Commons (now The Base Between) in 2016 with the mission to bring co-living and community-focused development to Australia.

After working with a number of developers and architects, designing community models for large co-working operators and producing community events, Al and Base Communities are now on a mission to re-imagine and invigorate community in the 21st century, bringing it back to the core of our lives and our work. The movement has been featured in many media outlets including The Age, Herald Sun, Sky News and more.
Al is bringing the important questions around more sustainable living models to the surface for public discussion and urban development evolution.

Al Jeffery is speaking at


Data smarts to live better together

What can the data tell us about how we live together in our urban environments so we can build a greater sense of community and wellbeing?

Saturday 25 May, 4pm to 6pm

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