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Ana Tiquia

WORKPLACE: Apply for a future job


Ana is a hybrid practitioner who plays at the messy fringes of art, technology, design and culture. Her work encompasses producing, curation, futures thinking and strategy. Drawing upon these practices, Ana aims to create spaces for critical and generative conversations on emerging technologies and futures.

For the past decade, Ana has worked with cultural institutions, artists, performers, and designers to develop experiential projects that engage new and emerging technologies. In Australia, she has worked with Melbourne Museum to lead the creative development and production of major gallery projects and in the United Kingdom she has worked with cultural organisations such as Somerset House, the Barbican Centre and London’s Philharmonia Orchestra to produce exhibitions, installations and interactive experiences.

Ana is currently researching the interplay between arts and futures, exploring the role of arts and cultural practice in relation to future inquiry, imagining and change.

Ana Tiquia is speaking at

WORKPLACE: Apply for a future job

WORKPLACE: Apply for a future job

WORKPLACE is a performance and installation that invites you to consider how your time and labour might be valued in the future. Come and apply for your future job at Prototype Street – no experience necessary, imagination required.

Tuesday 20 May - Sunday 26 May, various times

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