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Brigit Heller

Circular living: designing a sustainable future

Brigit Heller

Swiss-born artist, Brigit Heller, is preoccupied with nature as well as our relationship with the natural world. Her interest manifests itself through the use of materials, colour, form and techniques. Her creations are testimony to her interest in traditional crafts and techniques.

Being acutely aware of the fragility and the importance to maintain a healthy balance between environment and our lives, recycling, reusing and readapting plays a role in Heller’s work.

Heller has held several solo exhibitions and shown her work in many group exhibitions around Australia. Heller’s works have been shown in some of the major art prizes in Victoria like the Helen Lempriere National Sculpture Award, the McClelland Survey Award and the Deakin University Contemporary Small sculpture Award. Her works have won awards and prizes and can be seen in public places around Victoria as well as private collections in Australia, New Zealand and Switzerland.

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LCI Circular living: designing a sustainable future

Circular living: designing a sustainable future

Sustainability. It’s the buzzword of the century. But what does it actually mean to practice it, live it and design it?

Wednesday 22 May, 10.30am - 11.30am

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