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Callan Rowe

KeepCup: Can we buy our way to a better future?

Callan Rowe

Cal is a future-focused thinker, pushing the boundaries of possibility across projects.

As Innovation Lead he leads up Today Strategic Design’s Purposeful Technology offering. He draws from a toolkit of trends analysis, futuring, structured ideation and transformation design to ensure great design and smart technology can best help us innovate toward high impact futures. With a background in film, art direction, interaction design, UX design, and creative technology, Callan’s multidisciplinary approach allows him to convey complex information using narrative as a unifying device. His work draws heavily from a broad range of research, including behavioural economics, co-design and game theory.

Having studied Visual Communications and Film and Television, Callan worked as a Designer and Creative Technologist for eight years before joining Today as Innovation Lead. While Callan forecasts and focuses on emerging technology, he still believes that all great ideas start with pens, paper and Post-It notes.

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KeepCup: Can we buy our way to a better future?

Join KeepCup to explore the role of brands and business in driving positive social and environmental change. Is it possible? How?

Friday 24 May, 7.30am - 9am

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