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Dani Sampson

Data smarts to live better together

Dani Sampson


With a background in architecture, Dani Sampson is now a brand and communications guru – marrying all things ‘strategy and design’. 

Focussing on socially conscious client, Dani works with organisations who are committed to positively impacting the world through better user experiences, health and wellness, corporate culture development and community enrichment. She has also been involved in The Base Between‘s evolution since it’s inception. 

Dani believes brand identity and brand communications are inseparable to ensuring the success of meaningful business growth, reaching clients and meeting documented milestones.

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Data smarts to live better together

What can the data tell us about how we live together in our urban environments so we can build a greater sense of community and wellbeing?

Saturday 25 May, 4pm to 6pm

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