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David Carlin

Chorus of voices

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David Carlin is co-president of the NonfictioNOW Conference, a founding contributing editor of speculative nonfiction, and professor of creative writing at RMIT University where he also co-directs the non/fictionLab.

His nonfiction books include the forthcoming The After-Normal: Brief, Alphabetical Essays on a Changing Planet, 100 Atmospheres: Studies in Scale and Wonder, Our Father Who Wasn’t There and The Abyssinian Contortionist. David’s essays, plays, radio features, exhibitions, documentary and short films have won awards and featured at numerous international festivals.His recent collaborative projects include the Circus Oz Living Archive and WrICE.

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Chorus of voices

Writing together and sharing stories to explore the future of Melbourne.

Thursday 23 May, 10am - 11am

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