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Debbie Kilroy OAM

So, what if we didn’t have prisons?

Debbie Kilroy

After her release from prison in 1992, Debbie established Sisters Inside to advocate for the rights of women and girls in prison.

As CEO of Sisters Inside, Debbie is a tireless advocate for the interests of criminalised women and girls, and actively works to dismantle the prison industry.  Debbie has completed qualifications in social work, forensic mental health and law.  Debbie was the first former prisoner to be admitted as a lawyer in Queensland and, in 2013, opened her own legal practice, alongside Sisters Inside.  Debbie’s advocacy has been recognised through various awards, including the Order of Australia (2003).

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So, what if we didn’t have prisons?

Prisons may seem like a necessary part of our criminal justice system, but can we imagine a future where incarceration is a thing of the past?

Tuesday 21 May, 12.30pm to 1.30pm

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