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Dr Bart Kolodziejczyk
Scientists in Residence Ltd.

Coding genes: Do-it-yourself biology


Dr Bart Kolodziejczyk is a nanoscientist whose portfolio includes three tech startups and three not-for-profit organizations. He has advised the UN, NATO, OECD, and EU on science, technology, innovation and policy, and was named one of MIT Technology Review’s Innovators under 35 for his conductive polymers, which reduce the cost of solar panels and are applied in medicine and bio-sensing.

Dr. Kolodziejczyk was featured as one of 100 Visionary Leaders by Real Leaders Magazine. Bart is considered one of the world’s experts on synthetic biology and previously worked with NATO, G20, IUCN, UNEP, and UNESCO covering biosafety and biosecurity issues related to this new and emerging field. Kolodziejczyk is an active Member of the Global Young Academy and IUCN, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Fellow of the Linnean Society of London.

Dr Bart Kolodziejczyk is speaking at

Coding genes: Do-it-yourself biology

Coding genes: Do-it-yourself biology

Consider yourself a backyard scientist? Glowing plants, DNA extraction, coding genes and other captivating genetic experiments await your curiosity in the lab.

Wednesday 22 May, 11am - 12pm, 12pm - 1pm

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