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Dr Erin O’Donnell

So, what if Melbourne was underwater?

Dr Erin O'Donnell

Dr Erin O’Donnell is a water law and policy specialist and is recognized internationally for her research into the groundbreaking new field of legal rights for rivers and the challenges and opportunities these new rights create for protecting the multiple social, cultural and natural values of rivers.

Her work is informed by comparative analysis across Australia, New Zealand, the USA, India, Colombia, and Chile, and Erin’s book, Legal Rights for Rivers, is available now. Erin is a research fellow at the Melbourne Law School, and in 2018, Erin was appointed to the inaugural Birrarung Council, the voice of the Yarra River.

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So, what if Melbourne was underwater?

The experts have spoken – there is no doubt water is rising globally. But what will it mean for the people of Melbourne?

Wednesday 22 May, 12.30pm - 1.30pm

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