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Dr Julie Miao

What is the public purpose of innovation districts?

Julia Maio

Dr Julie Miao is a Senior Lecturer in Property and Economic Development in the University of Melbourne, and an honorary Fellow in Shanghai Jiaotong University and Hong Kong University.

Julie’s research covers the economics, planning and the built environment of the knowledge economy, knowledge workers, housing market dynamics and affordability, as well as innovative, informal and entrepreneurial urbanism. She has conducted impactful research on different types of development zones and innovation districts in China, Singapore, Japan and Africa, as well as creative clusters in the UK, Spain and Finland, which places her ideally at the junctions between the East and West, and between the developing and developed economies. After publishing her edited book on Technopoles of the world revisited (Routledge Best Book Nominee), Julie is now working on the interactions between buzz and the built environment in innovation districts.


Dr Julie Miao is speaking at

Melbourne Innovation Forum

What is the public purpose of innovation districts?

The Melbourne Innovation District is part of a global wave of urban best practice to demonstrate leadership in the knowledge economy.

Tuesday 21 May, 10.30am - 11.30am

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