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Dr Mor Vered

Interaction futures

Mor Vered

Mor Vered is a Lecturer in the new Laboratory for Dialogue Research at Monash University’s Faculty of Information Technology (FIT).

She has previously occupied the roll of Research Fellow and part time lecturer in the School of Computing and Information Systems in Melbourne University where she focused on Human Centered Explainable AI. She obtained her PhD from Bar Ilan University, her thesis winning the prestigious Israeli Association for Artificial Intelligence (IAAI) Outstanding Dissertation Award.

Mor’s PhD thesis was in the field of goal recognition, where she worked to incorporate lessons and inspirations from cognitive science in order to create more efficient agents that can cooperate seamlessly in a predominately human environment. Her research interests further include planning and  cognitive modelling.  She has significant teaching and supervising experience, is an active member of the AI community and her work has been published in several A* conferences.

Dr Mor Vered is speaking at

Interaction Futures

Interaction futures

Your gestures, voice, movement and gaze can now control how you use and interact with a smart device - how do you feel about your phone reading your body language?

Monday 20 May - Sunday 26 May, various times

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