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Eloise Bishop

KeepCup: Can we buy our way to a better future?

Eloise Bishop

Eloise Bishop is a sustainability expert with a focus on ethical and sustainable fashion and textiles.

As Head of Sustainability for David Jones and Country Road Group, Eloise leads the retailers’ Good Business Journey sustainability strategy. This program embeds sustainability into every aspect of the David Jones and Country Road Group brands, including their work with suppliers, partners and customers across eight key areas: ethical trade, sustainable farming and sourcing of raw materials, energy efficiency, waste reduction, water stewardship, social development, health and wellness, and people and transformation. Eloise and her team work with suppliers to maintain high ethical and social standards in the supply chain and to ensure the use of responsibly sourced fabrics.

Eloise’s broader career experience includes working in sustainability and corporate social responsibility for the Australian Football League, The Body Shop and The Smith Family. She has lectured at universities, led workshops and facilitated panel discussions addressing a range of sustainability issues.

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KeepCup: Can we buy our way to a better future?

Join KeepCup to explore the role of brands and business in driving positive social and environmental change. Is it possible? How?

Friday 24 May, 7.30am - 9am

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