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Laura Murray

Melbourne’s missing middle

Laura Murray

Laura Murray is the current Victorian President of the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA) and is also Director, Planning at Ethos Urban.

She has been actively involved in PIA for many years and has been on the PIA VIC Committee for over 4years.  Prior to this Laura served as PIA Women’s Planning Network Convenor from 2014 – 2017.  Prior to being a Registered Planner and PIA member, Laura was a certified member of the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) in the UK.

Laura has been a strong voice for PIA and women in the planning profession through her role as VIC President, in addition to being on the VIC Policy and Advocacy Sub-Committee. She has been actively involved in many recent State Government Reference and Advisory Groups such as the SMART Planning Advisory Group; Better Apartment Guidelines Reference Group; Social Housing Renewal Standing Advisory Committee; Affordable Housing Industry Advisory Group and Fisherman’s Bend Development Industry Engagement Program.

Laura is also a consultant town planner with over 15years experience in statutory and strategic planning for public and private clients, including several years in local government in the UK. Having worked on major development approvals all over Australia, she has detailed knowledge of planning systems and legislation in all states and territories.

Her expertise encompasses large-scale, complex projects across a wide range of sectors, including growth area frameworks. Laura excels at delivering successful urban design advice and quality built form planning outcomes for our rapidly growing cities and regions.

Laura Murray is speaking at

Melbourne's missing middle

Melbourne’s missing middle

Melbourne is a city of extremes; tall and dense, and small and spread. What might the missing middle look like?

Friday 24 May, 5pm - 6pm

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