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Lorraine Tighe

Long table: What is the future of democracy in Australia?

Lorraine Tighe

Lorraine is a creative and diplomatic leader with over 20 years’ experience driving impactful change across private and public sectors in Australia and Ireland. Lorraine is currently assisting governments create and deliver successful smart city and innovation strategies to make the places we live more accessible, liveable and sustainable.

At City of Melbourne she spearheaded a number of strategic initiatives to enhance Melbourne’s reputation as a smart and open city. She established and grew CityLab into a core innovation function for the City, established the City’s open data program, secured an IBM Smarter Cities Challenge grant to improve how the City responds to disruptive events and worked with the State Government to implement City WI-FI.

She recently developed City of Ballarat’s Smart City and Innovation Framework and secured funding and partnerships to deliver key initiatives for Ballarat to continue to grow as a smart regional city.

Lorraine likes to demystify emerging tech by showing how it can open up new opportunities or solve current challenges. She believes in the importance of civic engagement and advancing the public dialogue about how we can ensure these technologies are used in a way that maximises public benefit. She is an advocate for open and transparent government and is passionate about connecting people, ideas and technology to drive positive inclusive change.

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Long table: What is the future of democracy in Australia?

Take a seat at the table to ask the big question - what is the future of democracy in Australia?

Friday 24 May, 2pm - 5.30pm

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