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Maggie Mee

Startup breakfast: Join the applied technology revolution


Maggie is a global Executive with board, business investment & P & L experience and has a passion to share skills and expertise. Maggie believes that understanding the impact of social business innovation and the rise in technology to improve humanity is essential to managing the risks of local and global social business investment.

Connect Invest is a Social Strategist and Business Investment Consultation firm working across the globe for the most skilled teams to assist social entrepreneurs/NFP to build strategies and work towards social investment for Seed, Series A, B & C & expansion capital from social impact funding platforms.

Targeting startups, early stage & mid-market companies (Min fundraising £/$/EUR1M+) and identifying social enterprise business sector gaps in the UK, Europe, US, Australia & NZ.

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Startup Breakfast: Join the Applied Technology Revolution

Startup breakfast: Join the applied technology revolution

Is our app obsession over? Take a look at how the next generation of startups are moving beyond app development to make an impact in the real world.

Tuesday 21 May, 7am - 9am

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