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Marc Noyce

Circular living: designing a sustainable future

Marc Noyce

Marc is the Chief Executive Officer of Biofilta Pty Ltd, a Melbourne based stormwater harvesting, water sensitive urban design and urban food company.

With a mission to “turn our cities into catchments and urban farms”, Marc is an active proponent of combining hydraulic and engineering skills to solve urban sustainability challenges.

Since joining Biofilta, Marc has overseen the research and development of urban food technology and brought to commercialisation, the Foodwall and Foodcube Systems which were selected by as being globally innovative in 2017 from a pool of 280 applications across 74 Countries.

Marc has worked in the water industry for the past 20 years at both the local and State level gaining extensive government policy, project management and on-ground delivery experience from designing some of Melbourne’s largest urban wetland systems with professional Engineering company Cardno, project management with Melbourne Water and being involved with stormwater water policy and natural resource management at the Department of Sustainability and Environment.

Marc Noyce is speaking at

LCI Circular living: designing a sustainable future

Circular living: designing a sustainable future

Sustainability. It’s the buzzword of the century. But what does it actually mean to practice it, live it and design it?

Wednesday 22 May, 10.30am - 11.30am

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