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Simona Castricum

The post-gender bubble


Simona Castricum is a musician, designer and architecture academic from Melbourne. As an educator and PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne, her work explores gender-nonconforming and queer intersections in architecture, the city and public space. Simona is also one of Melbourne’s unique underground live music performers and DJs as well as a community radio broadcaster on PBS FM radio. She is active in trans and gender diverse advocacy in music and the built environment as a design consultant, public speaker and moderator, freelance writer and a member of Music Victoria’s Women’s Advisory Panel.

Simona Castricum is speaking at

Post-gender bubble

The post-gender bubble

Join Simona Castricum for a live talk show about future queer cities, with a twist.

Thursday 23 May, 4pm - 5pm

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What is safety becomes permanent

What if safety becomes permanent?

What if walking through the city at night was safe for everybody?

Saturday 25 May, 7pm - 8pm

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