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Skye Haldane
City of Melbourne

Evolving city: Designing for change

Skye Haldane

Skye Haldane is the manager of design at the City of Melbourne. She is an award-winning landscape architect who is passionate about creating and managing high-quality public spaces, demonstrating how the design of a city can allow everyone to pursue their potential.

At the City of Melbourne, Skye leads the in-house team of globally recognised landscape architects, architects and industrial designers who deliver projects that shape Australia’s fastest growing city. Notable projects include the transformation of Southbank Boulevard by creating 2.5 hectares of new public space, and Natureplay at Royal Park, awarded Australia’s best playground in 2016.

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Evolving city: Designing for change

Melbourne’s population is getting bigger – but how can we design for change while keeping our city’s unique character?

Saturday 25 May, 11am - 12pm

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