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Steve Schmidt
BRM Projects

How can a pickled cucumber shape the future worker?

Steve Schmidt is Director of Work Design at BRM Projects with more than 15 years creative and commercial experience in retail, fashion and hospitality supported by tertiary training in architecture and sustainable design. Steve offers an unique suite of design skills and business understanding, ensuring client projects are translated and delivered to meet every need – functionally, economically and stylistically.

Steve joined BRM Projects as Director in 2014, bringing with him an innovative vision for design and change management to the workplaces of large scale companies and not-for-profits. He is dedicated to forming a new culture of work and strengthening the relationship between design and organisational performance.

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How can a pickled cucumber shape the future worker?

Discover how pickling cucumbers can help shape the future of work. Wait, what’s that got to do with pickles?

Tuesday 21 May, 10.30am - 12.30pm

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